Applications for dependents and family members

If you are looking to join as a dependent or to be cared for by a family member in the UK and they are a British citizen, are settled in the UK or have been granted asylum or humanitarian protection you will need to a apply for a ‘family member of settled person’ visa. Fees and requirements vary depending upon who you are looking to join.

Under 18s looking to join their parents will need to be living with the parents upon arrival here; not married, in a civil partnership or living an independent life; and have adequate accommodation here without recourse to public funds or meet the financial requirement yourself. During your meeting with our lawyers we will listen to your individual circumstances and advise you as to whether you meet these requirements.

If you are looking to join a British citizen child or one who is settled in the UK and is under 18, you will need to demonstrate you have sole responsibility for the child and you have legal access to help raise your child. We will also advise you on additional requirements such as the role which you need to demonstrate you have in the child’s life etc.

If you are a dependent of a family member in the UK yourself, you will need to evidence that you need assistance with daily living due to your age, illness and disability, and cannot access this in your own country. There are also additional requirements which we will advise you on.

For each of the above circumstances we will also advise as to the English language requirements and will complete the form on your behalf and will advise and support you with collating the necessary supporting documents, witness statements and evidence from abroad etc.

If you are an EEA national or looking to join and EEA national, click here.

If you are already in the UK and wish to remain with your dependent or family member, click here.

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