Child Arrangement Orders

We can also help you work out the best options for ensuring your children are looked after in the best way. Our expert solicitors will advise you on the following options for child arrangements:

  • Will one parent have custody of the children or will you share custody?
  • If one parent will have custody, how often and on what terms will the other parent be given contact with the child?
  • What form will this contact have e.g. visits at home, visits at contact centres, phone calls etc.
  • Will child maintenance need to be paid to the parent who has custody of the child?

Normally this means working out an arrangement between yourself and your partner which you are both comfortable with. If you are able to do this, we will draft the relevant Consent Orders and ensure your agreements are formalised before the court, and therefore are binding.

However, if you have any concerns around domestic abuse of either yourself or your children, you fear for your safety or that of your children or feel vulnerable, or you have tried to reach and agreement amongst yourselves despite having tried mediation, then the court may intervene and decide child living arrangements.

If you need to go to court for any hearings, we will ensure you are fully informed as to how the proceedings unfold, what potential options you have and we will arrange for proper legal representation.

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