Debt Collection

Unpaid debts can be stressful, time-consuming and unpleasant situations for both individuals and businesses. If you are struggling to recover a debt owed to you, let one of our experienced lawyers help.

We will liaise with the individual on your behalf and will sent them a Letter Before Action advising them that you wish to recover the unpaid debt and that if they do not repay their debt you intend to commence legal action. For many debtor, usually the step of having a Solicitor involved formally requesting payment, rather than yourself, is sufficient to begin repayment.

If the debt remains outstanding, we can then commence legal action to seek repayment of the debt. In this case, we will issue a claim form with the relevant court on your behalf detailing the contractual basis for the claim, the amount recovered plus your costs and any interest. We will help you collate documentary evidence to support you in proving the existence of the debt. Our Solicitors will work pragmatically and efficiently to ensure payment is received as swiftly as possible.

Once a judgement is received, we can also advise you on how to ensure the judgement is enforced, for example, by placing a charge on the debtor’s property if necessary.

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