You may be deported from the UK if you are an overstayer i.e. no longer have valid leave to remain in the UK; your immigration application has been refused or you have committed a criminal offence.   Deportation requires an individual to be removed from the UK and allows them to be detained until they are removed. Before a deportation order is issued, you may be given notice of an intention to deport you.

We understand how time-critical deportation situations are so will prioritise your application to ensure we have the best chance of preventing your deportation. If you have been detained, we will firstly check whether you have an outstanding case with the Home Office. If you do, we may make further representations to the Home Office or the Chief Immigration Officer. We would also advise you about making bail application and any required sureties. We will also consider whether a petition for judicial review needs to be lodged if necessary. If the Home Office does book a return flight for you pending the outcome of the judicial review, we can also apply to the High Court for an injunction to prevent your deportation and we have successfully obtained injunctions in these situations before.

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