Divorce and Separation

We understand how stressful it can be when a relationship breaks down so we will talk you through the various things you will need to think about, such as:

  • Where will you both live?
  • Where your children will live and what contact will they have with the parent they do not live with?
  • How will you afford to maintain your lifestyle without your partner?
  • How you will share your assets and belongings between you?
  • Will your divorce have any implications on your visa and right to remain in the UK?

Our experienced lawyers will talk you through each of these considerations so you can reflect on what is right for you and your family. Not all divorce cases will need to be argued in court and our team will help you try and reach an agreement with your partner or their solicitors which you both feel comfortable with. We can enlist the help of mediators should you both need some support in communicating with each other.

The first consideration when divorcing is whether you have grounds upon which to issue divorce proceedings. This is something which our team can advise you on and will draft your divorce petition accordingly and will advise you as to the time it should take for your divorce to go through. This is often 4-6 months for an uncontested divorce.

If your visa has been granted on the basis of your relationship status then you will need to inform the Home Office of your relationship breakdown. This may have consequences for your stay in the UK so our expert solicitors will be able to advise you as to the consequences for the purposes of your visa and any options you may have for continuing to remain in the UK. If your relationship has broken down due to domestic violence, click here.

Once we have established the grounds for divorce, we will help you work out your financial arrangements and arrangements for the children.

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