Drafting a Will

Drafting a will ensures your family and loved ones are protected in the way you want them to be. Your will allows you to make provisions for the care of your children should anything happen to you, and it allows you to dictate how your assets are distributed so those who you wish to benefit from your estate do.

If you do not make a Will, your assets are divided in accordance to the intestacy rules under which your spouse or civil partner may not receive all your assets and unmarried partners often receive very little from your estate.

Our experienced lawyers will discuss your current situation and the plans you wish to make for the future. You will be able to discuss any concerns or questions you have and we will then draft the Will in accordance with your wishes. You will be able to review the Will before signing it before our solicitors. If a Will is not executed properly in accordance with s9 Wills Act 1837 it could be contested so we ensure all Wills are executed before us in the proper manner.

We also recommend you review your Will periodically, for example, if you purchase another property or have another child, and will be more than happy to make any amendments or revisions you wish.

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