Mediation is a process where you and your partner are encouraged to communicate in the presence of a mediator. The mediator is an independent, impartial individual who will help you try and reach an agreement about your relationship breakdown and any financial or child agreements.

Mediation is a voluntary process however, it is recommended to all parties going through a relationship breakdown as it can help facilitate communication and reaching a decision without the need to argue these issues before a court. The Court will also expect you to have tried mediation before issuing court proceedings. Trying mediation before court usually also leads to a shorter timescale as you have the opportunity to agree matters before yourself rather than waiting for court hearing dates.

Should you wish to try mediation, we will refer you to a mediator. You will be able to choose whether you see the mediator together or separately and the mediator will keep you both informed of the process throughout.

There are circumstances in which mediation will not be appropriate, for example, in cases of domestic violence or if you do not know where you partner lives.

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