Naturalisation allows you to register yourself as a British Citizen. The eligibility requirements for naturalisation vary depending upon your current status and whether you are applying as the spouse or civil partner of a British citizen. We can also help with registration applications you are submitting on behalf of children under 18 years old.

Under current requirements, those married or in a Civil Partnership with a British citizen will be able to apply after 3 years if they meet the other eligibility requirements, but those not married or in a civil partnership with a British citizen will need to wait 5 years.

The eligibility requirements for naturalisation are fairly detailed and you will need to evidence that you meet various character and sound mind requirements; English language and life in the UK knowledge requirements, and have not been outside of the UK for a certain number of days. We will go through each of the requirements with you and ensure you fulfil them before completing the form and submitting the application with the necessary documentary evidence.

Upon successful application, you will be invited to a citizenship ceremony where you will be given your Certificate of Naturalisation which will allow you to apply for your British passport. We can also assist with this process if required.

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