Property, Boundary or Building Disputes

If you are having troubles in relation to your property, boundary or a building or construction then let our experienced lawyers at Bassi Solicitors help. We can guide you through a range of issues such as:

  • Where does the boundary lie?
  • Who owns what land?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining certain walls/fences?
  • High hedges

Right of way and Easement disputes

If you are experiencing any of the above problems, or any other issues with your Landlord or Tenant then allow our expert lawyers to intervene and act on your behalf to obtain the result which you desire.

We will obtain the title deeds of the property or land from the Land Registry on your behalf and try and determine ownership of the disputed territory. We can also liaise with the other party on your behalf. If they fail to comply, we can consider issuing court proceedings. Or, where appropriate we will also discuss options for mediation and ADR if we believe a resolution could be sought without needing to attend court.

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